What is Friend to You

Sometimes, I’m wondering, did I have any friends?
If I have them…
Why I couldn’t meet them daily?
Why we often talk on the phone or text each other?
Why I couldn’t know what happen to them every single day?
Why don’t we hang out every weekend like everybody else did?
So did I have one?
But if I said I don’t have them, I could named them.
But sometimes, I thought they’re not see me as I see them.
They’re not miss me like I miss them.
Is it true?
Or it’s just me being scared of losing them?
Have you ever felt that way?
So what is friend to you?


Who always hold your hand?

Who always walking side by side?


Who always hang out with you?



Or who not always shown but they always there when you need them?

And can’t stop talking when you meet them for long hours?


I don’t know what is right.Or maybe this is not about right or wrong.

Friendship is like another relationship.

You have to believe each other that you are really a bestfriend.

No doubt.


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