Balck and White

Black and white.

What is the first thing pop-up in your mind, when you heard that words? It must be a picture of lame technology from the past, when the photos not familiar with full-color photos. Or color skin that was sung by King of Pop, Michael Jackson, on early 90. Or a talk show hosted by presenter slash magician slash comedian, if I may add, this day. There’s always an initial picture when the word appears, and each person will have a different shade of it.

When there’s a black and white words, the first thing pop-up in my head is: classic. A simplicity that is emitted from the past, which is doesn’t have any other story than black and white. Have no blast or something eye-catching but still shows its elegant pride. But when I read a comic, Detective Conan, the little Ran Mouri said, “The culprit is black! My dad always say, ‘He’s the culprit! He’s black!'” So if we connect that to the color, black is evil and white is good, the devil and the angel. The culprit and the victim. And I also read on Jodi Picoult’s novel, Perfect Match, you can read a line from the Prosecutor’s ex-wife that he only see from the black and white glasses. A strict rules which is decide right or wrong.

Black and white. Contrast colors and encourage each other with their backs, but it will always be present in one package. Like a coin with two a different side, if it were thrown we can emerge nominal value or Garuda’s emblem, but they couldn’t have come together. And have you ever wonder that in this world sometimes several people only see with black and white glasses to see the world and society, they only see the value of nominal or the Garuda’s emblem, they can not see there’s a grey color between black and white. Between a different side of coin, we can see thickness of it, we can see that coin with a different perspective, like we can see everything in this world. Especially when we judge people’s behavior.

Black and White by Akuryo

Have you ever wonder why people kills another human being? Even God, I believe, hard to forgive their mistake, because ‘live’ is the basic’s right for every human being in this world. However, can you ever imagine there’s a guy who always been despises everyday, a boy who became a victim of bullying everyday. Someday they will reach of their limits and can no longer hold their emotion of being despised. And what do you think they will do? Finished up all the people from the earth that put him down. And who do you think will be take a blame? The victim who become the culprit, not the culprit who became the victim. Even though I agree with this statement: if you get your revenge, you’re no longer a victim. But, have you ever think about how depressed the victim before they doing it? That’s what I’m talking about there’s a shade of grey between black and white. There is always be gray between them, depending on who look at it.

Law is where you look at the world with black and white glasses. School is where you look at the world with black and white glasses. Society is where you look at the world with black and white glasses. When a bunch of people appear with their full-colors-self in the balck and white society, the society will consider it is wrong. Because for the society, the varicosity is wrong.

Sometimes, if you are the one who only see with black and white, just do something that out of your habit. It doesn’t have to be violate the law of National Examination to kidnap Kim Jong Un and make gargoyle for entrance gate. But, once in a while, do the interesting adventure that makes you can see a slim line, a shadowy gray which passed by between your own line. Such As turbulence to shake aircraft, a clash mass when the air attacks your aircraft from all directions. You can’t be dead by that, just feel the experience and you’ll see the world in a different way, different colors.

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