Do Your Own Magic, because DIY is too mainstream

Yesterday, I have posted my future dream home interior. And I really super excited because in 9 month I’ll get married, and in 8 month I’ll buy a house, and in 2 month I’ll get engaged! Yay! How can I not be super excited to think about my future home, rite?

Now, I will tell you what kind of furniture I would have. I’m an artist… ummm I’m a artist designer maybe, because I’m majoring Kriya Textile and Kriya is both art and design. Since I an artist designer, I want to make my own furniture. So then I google it, DIY furniture, and you know how excited I am to find lot of furniture idea’s blog that you can make by yourself?

But, something is missing. Just do it yourself is not enough for me. It means, you just do it yourself and done. That’s why I change that Do It Yourself to Do Your Own Magic. Think about you have ability to change something unused to a brand-new thing. And you not just change it into a new thing, but something new with your passion in it. The things that really ‘you’, that thing will represent yourself.

Take this pallet for example,

You see that’s just an ordinary pallets, but you can change it into something else like this,


At the first picture, we can see that the pallet just making a shape like a couch. But when we do our own magic, we can change them into a fancy couch. The color of pallet and the color of the pillow will represent yourself. You’ll see that couch belongs to you. That’s it, Szie?

No. I got more.

This fancy shelf made by plastic milk/bottle crate. All I know, the color of plastic crate is red or orange. Depend of kind of drinking water which use it. But, if I think it’ll be more beautiful if I paint them on pastel color. Bright furniture for bright home and to make our home look wider.

This morning, I found an ideas for my fence or my walls outside. By using the unused plastic bottle, like this,


Or I can make my own lamp like this.

And maybe I can make my own chandelier from the back of plastic bottle, it’ll looks like a drop of ice crystal from the sky. But I have to make sure that bottle really clean.

Last, but not least, this is my favorite. I love the bean bag chair. I don’t have one, but this is looking soooooo cozy and fluffy. You can make your own bean bag from unused sheet so you can make patchwork bean bag chair to make it more attractive, like this.

I think that’s all I’ve got today for DYOM furniture. I have a lot more of thought, but I have to go. Maybe some other time I will tell you another DYOM furniture to inspire all your creative mind to pop-up. Oh, and you know why I want to make my own furniture? Because one day, I want all my kids to be creative, even more creative than their parent. And they have to learn to recycle unused stuff to safe our world from damages.

Oh… still Wednesday, long way to Friday, ya? Hahahaha…

See you…

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