Welcome to My Dream Home

Have you ever dream about your future home? Even if you’re not ready away from home or for your parent, have you ever think about ‘this is my couch suppose to be’ or ‘this is how my room suppose to be’?

I did.
Now, I’m still living with my parent. In Indonesia, that’s normal. But, since I was young, I’m not allowed to choose my own furniture for my own bedroom. Even when I get older, I’m not allowed to change the color of my bedroom’s wall. Until 4 years ago. But just the wall. Not the furniture.
So I begin to daydream, someday, if I get married, I want my living room like this, or I want my kitchen like that. And I really want to make my own furniture from a simple and cheap materials.
Let me give you a tour to my future home.
my future living room

Maybe my living room’s not big enough to do some exercise, or big enough for ten children to play tag. But it might be cozy for hang out with family. Read books, watch movies, or just sleep all day on the weekend.

my future kitchen

So here’s my kitchen set. It’s a little bit small, but you still can enjoy your meal with a warm atmosphere. And maybe I’ll add little bar on the other side so you can sit on the bar and watch TV in the living room.

my future bedroom with my future husband
This is how my bed room will look like on the night. I love stars, and I’ll apply a Christmas lights and some lampion above my bed, it represent the stars and the moon.

my future bathroom

My bathroom won’t be too large, as long as it enough to take a bath and do number 1 and 2, it’s fine. I’ll save the space for another room or maybe my private closet. Because I have a loooot of stuff šŸ˜‰

my future boys room, they’re twins (I hope)


And now you see, this is will be my son’s bedroom. I wish I had a two sons, twins. But I won’t put them in the same room. I want each of them to speak up what they want, not depend each other. Just be themself, even if they have an identical face.

me and my fiance future workspace

Well finally, this could be my own workspace. I’m a designer, but also a writter (I hope). I need reference of many things. I need my own bookcase because I have a lot of books and my fiance… just a quarter than mine. But if he want our workspace in the same room, I wont resist. I love watching him work too :3

my future terrace
I wish I could have backyard. But if I can’t get a house with backyard, maybe I’ll turn my terrace to be like this. I love plants, even I have to put my plants into a tiny pot, that’s okay. I’ll buy plenty of tiny pot for them šŸ˜€
muku-muku and minky
Last but not least, meet my pet. Mukumuku the rabbit and Minky the cat. they’re twins. xD

I really want to have cat or rabbit, but my mom womt let me. So if I get married soon, I want them complete me and my husband life before and after we’re having baby. Hihihihi
That’s all my thought about my dream home. Even if it hard to make it exactly like that, but I believe me and my fiance would create something like that, or maybe more artistic. Yay! I will update my blog with DIY furniture that might me and my fiance can make. But for today, I think it’s enough for you to dream about your own future home with/without your spouse. Happy Tuesday!


Ps. Sorry for my bad english

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