Folder – Plastic Operator

Folder – Plastic Operator

Into your folder
folder with your name
it’d be more than I can take
if I just told you
told you what I feel
that’s why I copy and paste…

You can drive me mad
if you tend to
hide what I admire

You can make me sad
And I want you
To make it all worthwile

You can lift me up
A single smile
can set my heart on fire

You don’t have to stop
A gentle touch
can fill me with desire

If I just told you… told you…

You’re intelligent
though ignorant
And I want you to know

We can fake the start
and pretend that
we have reached the end

If I just told you … told you…


I’ve spent my Sunday noon in my room just to make this audio. One of my favorite song by Plastic Operator. That noon was really gloomy. The sky was dark grey and looks like ready to pour a billion liters water. And I’m about to ready to bath, when I heard this song from my iTunes playlist. I remembered a few months ago, I tried to play this song with my guitar. And I realize, how much I love this song because of the lyric.

If you hear it closely, you’ll realize this song is about love. All about love. You can see it when he said;

You can lift me up 
A single smile 
can set my heart on fire 

He’s adore her so much. It was like, the girl has been his inspiration so he can do everything as long as she’s smile. He shows his feeling without saying “I Love You” and for me this is so amazing. Sometimes, “I Love You” is too easy to say (in my country). It’s a challenge how to say that you love someone without word “LOVE” because you have to think about it deeply. Even sometimes you need to hear “I Love You” from your bae, but for me this is enough. Maybe you can try to write some love letter without being cheezy or corny, just for fun and give your bae a little surprise.

If you want to ask someone out, or maybe you want to get steady with them, you should sing this song. But you have to mean it, because this song is not just to get laid or anything you want came in mind. This song is about sincerity, and please, please, please, do not change that. 🙂

What the hell am I talking about?

I’m being fussy here.

Oh, and I’m really sorry for my lame guitar’s play, and please forgive me if there’s off pitch sound (I guess). I’m not a singer, so… yeah. *what*

bye, bye.

And so sorry if my English not really well. I’m too lazy to double check the grammar or the spelling.

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