And that’s why I left my job…

This is story about my job. Maybe some of you had experienced this, or maybe some of you just got out from school and start a new life outside and try to find a perfect job. A job that you will be proud with, or maybe just a job that makes your parents proud with, or just a job that maybe just to make your friends envy with. Because a lot of zero behind on your salary amount or to-die-for company you work for. Whatever that job, I strongly recommend you to choose what you love, and you have to love what you choose.

Four years earlier, I was graduated from university (Yes, that long, and yes I’m that old. Hul). I’m majoring Kriya Textile (if you don’t know what was that, you can googled that later, or now) and I can be a fashion designer or textile designer. I choose to be a fashion designer, because I love designing clothes and stuff. But, my first year of freedom, I didn’t get any job at all. Every company who’s looking for a fashion designer, need an experience not less that 2 or 3 years, and I’m a fresh graduated. I can’t fit in everywhere and that makes me feel little depressed. I mean, my parents hope I get a job as soon as I graduate, and people think I will soon get a great job since I graduated from great institute in Bandung. Basically, I don’t really give a damn of what people think about me. I live my own life and have nothing to do with anyone else’s life. But I think about my parents. How’d they feel if I don’t have a job?

And finally, I get a job even though I’m about to start my own brand. And this is a big and the oldest Moslem Fashion company. I happened to be a motive’s designer there, and I’m really good at it. My first day, and second day grow into weeks and months. My boss seems like my work, and he really pleased for many works that I’ve done. Twice in a year, my team always went on business trip abroad. And he wants me to join the abroad-team because he thought I’m easy to get along with. And he expected me to do a great job, and I did. Me and the team did really a great job. But thing changes when I did a mistake at the airport, and I pissed him off that much so he did something terible to me when we all got back to Indonesia.

Things went bad, my heaven turn into hell. He always get me down, everything that I did was wrong. And even if I did good he always find away to blame me or something. Even he stopped to talk to me, or even look me in the eye, or even just think that I’m in the same room with him. He ignore me like I’m a bubble soap. And I realize that one thing that makes me stay there for a 7 month, ish, just the amount of salary.

But, is huge amount of salary enough?

Maybe yes for some other people. We can satisfy with that because, indeed, money can’t buy happiness but money can buy books, and shoes and clothes, including ice cream and every stuff that makes you happy. But, if everytime you wake up in the morning and feeling depressed because you have to go to work, is that worth to keep your job? What about your health? It’s not just about your body, your inner peace has involve too. If you can’t get your inner peace, is huge salary worth for yourself?

I choose to be, no. That’s not worth it. If I depressed, I can’t get my work done perfectly. I can’t fit from eight to five and feel sick everytime. And keep asking myself ‘What the hell am I doing here? Am I just a slave for him (my boss)?’

But if you still enjoy your job even if your boss such a pain in the ass, go for it. But don’t complaining about how suck is your job or your boss, because that’s the way you choose how’s your life gonna be.

I’ve read ‘Your Job is Not Your Career’ by Rene Suhardono. You should grab this book and think about what you love. What makes you happy. Because if you think your job is your career, you will stuck with one job that you were sleeping it on. Your job is what you do right now, but career is a journey.

Career is a progres through life. Job is regular paid occupation. See the different? When you leave your job, maybe you will loose your money every month, but your career does not end there. That’s the career is, a progres you should through to reach you goal in your life. First, you have to ask yourself? What is your passion?

Job, career and passion. The three things that connected to be one great opportunity to live your life successfully. Passion is something that you love to do with no burden. You can do it everyday non stop, 24/7, and you won’t feel tired of it. Something that you enjoy the most. If you find your passion, you should do your job based on your passion, so your career will going at the right direction. I didn’t say that the path of your career might going straight. I’m sure it will going up and down, but one thing that you should remember; if you fall maybe you will take your time to be healed. But after that, you have to immediately get up and start a new beginning. Learn from your past mistake, and avoid to make that again like a donkey. But if there’s another mistake, you have to learn again. That’s how career works. You make progress to live your life.

And after this, you should ask the very last question.

What is your goal in life?

And that’s why I left my job.

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